Marjaree Mason Mounts a Plaque in their Fresno Safe House

March 2018 | Recognition

Marjorie Mason Plaque honoring Isnardi Foundation

Our team wanted to recognize and honor the Isnardi Foundation for their support. We mounted a plaque in our Fresno safe house. The plaque is hanging in the living room right next to a photo of Marjaree Mason. We hope that sometime in 2018 we can welcome the Isnardi Foundation to the Center to see the impact that your generosity has made.

Marjorie Mason Team

Pictured left to right: Judith Gagnebin, MM Grants Coordinator; Andy Bedoian, Isnardi Foundation; Jerry Dyer, Fresno Chief of Police; Judy Griffin, Isnardi Foundation; Peter Tocchini, Isnardi Foundation; Nicole Linder, MM Executive Director.

The Marjaree Mason Center family is so grateful for the continued support from the Isnardi Foundation! Thanks to the Isnardi Foundation the Marjaree Mason Center has been able to fund projects that otherwise may have fallen through the cracks. This support makes a positive impact in the lives of the families were serve every day. Thank you!

Message of appreciation from Nicole DiBuduoLinder, Executive Director of the Marjaree Mason Center

“In keeping with Vincent Isnadri’s legacy to help the Valley people, Marjaree Mason Center has greatly benefited from the generosity of the Isnardi Foundation to provide critical resources to thousands of adults and children fleeing the trauma of domestic violence. Support from the Isnardi Foundation has funded a variety of capital projects, including rehabilitation of our safe house, vehicles to improve transportation and access to services and security cameras to better improve safety. The Isnardi Foundation also supported the 24/7 crisis and emergency safe housing for families in Fresno County.