Grant Requests

The mission of the Isnardi foundation is to invest in 501(C)(3) charitable organizations located in and near Fresno, California that support and promote the following:

  • Education and human development
  • The advancement of those who are of Italian descent
  • Reduction of poverty and injustice
  • Medical advancements and health maintenance
  • Beautification of the city and streets
  • The care and comfort for the elderly and sick

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How to Apply

The Isnardi Foundation welcomes grant requests from qualified 501(c)(3) organizations and all grant requests will be considered. The foundation meets in November of each year to review all grant requests. Financial support for approved grants will be dispersed in the month of December.

Submission of Grant Requests shall include the following:

  • All grant requests for 2025 financial requirements shall be received during the period of July 1, 2024 and September 15, 2024.
  • All grant requests shall include a cover letter that includes the name of the organization, address, telephone number, email address of a contact person, and signed by an officer of the organization.
  • All grant requests shall include a copy of the organizations 501(c)(3) certification.
  • All grant requests shall include a brief history of the organization and its mission statement.
  • All grant requests shall include an overview of the needs for which the organization is requesting financial support.
  • All grant requests shall include an itemized listing of the specific needs of the organization, the cost of each, and a summary of the total being requested.
  • All recipients of grants from the Isnardi Foundation shall submit by June 30, 2025 following receipt of funds for the specified project, a letter updating the foundation on the status of the project and if not complete an estimated date of completion. Failure to comply to this requirement may jeopardize grant funding in the future.

The Isnardi Foundation does not award grant funding for salaries and benefits for full and part time employees.

It is incumbent on the grant requester to periodically review the latest grant submitting requirements before the time of their submittal. Grant submittal requirements may change and the Isnardi Foundation will not consider grant requests that are not in compliance with the current requirements as delineated on the website.

Each grant request shall be submitted to the Isnardi Foundation as follows:

  • One electronic copy emailed to
  • One hard copy mailed to the Isnardi Foundation, P.O. Box 1170, Mendocinco, CA, 95460.

Send all questions to